March 28

Easter card for my nephews:

Little dudes are ALL boy, but bunnies have pink on them.  I didn't make them that way.  This bun's sign has gold glitter on the letters, but I couldn't get the camera to show you.  He also has fluff on his tail.  Because BUNNY! 

Bonus point if you know why 'bunny' always make me think of the Disney movie Hercules.

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Today I'm grateful for: asparagus on sale, time to play with old supplies, my old van keeps ticking along, buds on the trees, and IT'S NOT RAINING!

Stamps: The Stamps of Life

March 23

To send my check to my GS Cookie Dealer.

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Today I'm grateful for:  essential oils, warm banana bread, Son1 found a house to rent at school, friend who sends silly jokes out of the blue, and it's FRIDAY!

Stamps: PMS

From February

Matchy, but not matching shirts for Diva and her bestie in their shared favorite color:
The cup is from Target's $1 spot and says BFF.  There was also chocolate, of course!  Special thanks to Crystal at Hello Creative Family for the cut file and great idea!  The girls love their fun shirts!

Diva made Valentine's Day gifties for her dance friends.  I set up the file, but she did the rest herself.

The bag held a Blow Pop and Pop Rocks, so the tag said 'poppin' by to say I'm thankful for you'.

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Today I'm grateful for: safe travel for Son1, sweet snail mail from a friend, little waxy doughnuts, new book in the mail, and Diva GETS fractions, thank You, Lord!

From January

 One of my favorite humans broke his foot.  This is the card I sent to make him smile just a bit.

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Today I'm grateful for:  finding a deal on a chair, time with Son2, jalapeno poppers, FIL, neighbor doggo love

Stamps: Unity

From December

Playing with my new Explore Air 2. sigh  Big puffy pink hearts for my sweetheart for it!

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 Today I'm grateful for:  a break in the rain, my kids just hanging out and laughing together last night, towels hot out of the dryer, croissants, grocery in town where the cashiers greet me by name

From November

I have been terrible at posting, but I have actually made a few cards here and there.  Rather than sort them out singly, I'll just do a couple of big posts.  These are from November:

For my man

For friends with birthdays:

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 Today I'm grateful for: Mimosas, dry home, oldest home for spring break, hot coffee, fleece slippers

Nov 1

For my nephews, who are very punny little dudes:

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 Today I'm grateful for: doggie snuggles, wool socks, PB cups, board games with the kids, spicy chili leftovers