Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I love a day devoted to telling people how much I love them.

Last week, Scott looked at our credit card bill and said 'honey, do you realize you've spent over $80 on stamps this month?' 'ummm, did I?' ~whistling innocently~ Anyway, all of the cards I made for the family for today used new stamps. Since the big H-card store charges $4-5 each....I made QUITE a dent in that $80 on the CC in January, right? Right??? lol 'take up card making and you'll never have to buy a card again...think of the money you'll save' BAHAHAHA

Unfortunately, Scott had to work today. This was waiting in his truck to start his morning.

One of Emily's nicknames is SweetPea, making this stamp perfect for her. The card is purple, of course, and the little pea has glittery lip gloss (because my little pea always does).

Devon loves puns and witty sayings and his favorite salad is fresh spinach and mushrooms aka Popeye's a Fun-gi Salad around here, so Fun-gi for him.

Ty warned me not to put too many hearts on Scott's card....some nonsense about 'not manly', so for my rocker M.I.T. (man in training which is house-speak for 'you might be looking me in the eye, but you're not grown yet'):

Yes, I had to put a heart on it! He said one wasn't too bad. ;-D

And for the love of my life:

Thanks for looking!
Today I'm grateful for: all of my darling Valentines, loads of chocolate, deep red roses from my husband, the single white rose Em's daddy gave her, her look of joy when she realized the rose was for HER, and chocolate covered strawberries from MY daddy

Stamps: Punny Fruits & Veggies from Sweet n Sassy Stamps, I Dig You, You're a Real Fun-gi and Shine On! from Unity, Live Loud guitar from Imaginisce, heart and 'you rock' from The Stamps of Life


  1. have really been a busy lady with those $80 is stamps...LOL. Good for you, and keep up the creative flow. Love all of these great projects, and I'm sure you softened the "credit card blow" to your hubby with that sweet package waiting for him. Awesome job.

  2. love all your clever valentine projects!!! you definitely put all those stamps to good use! GREAT job!

  3. Fun cards!! I love the one you made for Scott! Thankfully my hubby doesn't see my credit card bills lol!

    I tagged you!


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