3D Thursday

My Valentine's treats for my 2nd/3rd grade Bible study class.

Inside is a fun size bag of M&Ms. The bag is 3"x4", should you ever need to know that...and, yes, I measured. To accommodate the M&Ms, I cut white cs into 4"x9" strips and scored it at 3", 3.5", and 7.5". I punched two hearts in the small top panel, embossed the bottom front panel, adhered the M&Ms with a pop dot and sealed with a sticker. Super easy and super quick because I had 18 to make and laundry calling. After I took the photo I realized it kind of looks like a face. Maybe next time no embossing with 'Happy Valentines Day' stamped for the mouth?

From the side
And the yummy inside
My daughter was so not happy with me when I told her these were not for her.

Thanks for looking!

Day 6 - Today I gave away a cross stitch kit.

Today I'm grateful for: my kids are healthy, my feather duster, warmer weather, time to play outside, chicken pot pie

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