July 2

Still hot here.  A 'cool' quote from Gwyneth Paltrow:

Isn't that fabulous?  I never leave the house without lip color.  I can look like roadkill, but with shiny lips I feel better. ;-)

I love the silhouette that came with this set and had to get her on the card as well.  With hair like that, I think she's confident, don't you?

Thanks for looking!

 Today I'm grateful for:  reading aloud to kids over lunch (yes, even the teen), soft tortillas that roll perfectly, crisp sheets, husband who works all day in the heat but comes home to wrestle Diva, AC (thank you, Lord!)

Stamps: PMS
Paper: Recollections

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  1. Fun!! I'm not a lipstick find of gal. But fun none the less.


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