Happy 5th, Em!

Should be NO doubt who this card is for:
Couldn't be more sparkly! Her wings and dress are Spica, the fairy herself is covered in Stardust. My camera won't capture it, but she SHINES.

Yes, purple, sparkles, fairy, must be Emily's. As of 11:07, my littlest one is five. She was super excited when she woke up this morning. She has loved answering the phone all day, receiving her birthday messages. She's reading her emails, too. When I said 'hey, you read the whole thing' she said 'yes, Mom, I'm five now'. lol

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm so very grateful for my little diva. She's truly a gift to our family. Her smile lights up a room (or a stage lol), she's smart and silly, beyond 'girly' and loves to wrestle her brothers. We all love this little person so much!

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  1. Happy 5th Birthday my adorable little internet niece!! Mom her card is awesome! You can never, ever go wrong with purple!!


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