HB, Devon!

Eleven years ago I met another young person who stole my heart. For those keeping track, yes, we just had Ty's birthday. Tyler was 2 years, 2 weeks, and 2 days old when he became a big brother. Devon was Ty's BEST late birthday present ever.

The funniest part of Devon's birth story is that we ran over a nail and got an instantly flat tire right before turning into the hospital's parking lot. My husband was so afraid I would have the baby right then that he drove on the rim to get me to the door. His dad tells him he was the best reason to get a flat and was well worth the risk of ruining the rim. I think it's a nice way of saying I was way too big to carry the mile or so across the parking lot. haha

For Devon's card I used his favorite color, green, with a hard to see brown border to mimic the cake. TSOL cake2build was perfect. This little cake stand resembles our glass cake stand that was my grandmother's and is always the seat of honor for birthday cakes. Dev's cake was chocolate fudge with dark chocolate icing. It has to be a family recipe icing as well or it's not a 'birthday' cake. Picky kid! I covered the top of the cake stand in Crystal Lacquer so it's more glass like. I loved how the candles almost look like an 11.

Devon shares my Changito love. The monkey (or two) always make him laugh, so Changito bday had to be there somewhere.

When he opened the card he started laughing and said 'hahaha there's monkeys' and had to explain to my mil why he was laughing....'they're always silly, Grandma'.

Thanks for looking!

Today I am oh so very grateful for my bub. He loves to laugh and makes me laugh daily. He has a memory that is scary good, which is very helpful to this momma. He's smarter than I am (yikes) and very sensitive to others. He's always kind to those younger or smaller or elderly and is Emily's favorite book reader because he brings so much life to the story. He's a super kid and going to be a great man one day.

Stamps: Changito Bday, TSOL cake2build, Unity Going Retro

Paper: all scraps

Extras: Crystal Lacquer, Kohinoor, Spica, Stardust

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  1. Happy Birthday Devon. Love your card. Can't go wrong with monkeys and chocolate cake!!!


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