3D Thursday

Lindsay's having a $5 challenge. Create a new spring decor item by spending no more than $5 at a dollar store. So, the kids and I went to the store to see what we could find.

I started with these three items from the $1 store...

and ended up with this:
Not exactly screaming 'spring', but I love it. Our living room is grey and cream and the frame perfectly matches the grey legs of the tables.
I printed a grey on grey LOVE for the background and used MM letters from my sticker stash.

I envision it being used as a spot for family love notes like this (Yes, those are the kids' back to school notes. They were handy on the school shelf. Judge me if you must for not making new notes.)

Finally, here it is on the sofa table in the living room. The other three rocks were collected by the children on a family hike to a stream. They remind us of a fun day and actually match the living room scheme, so they stay here all the time.
The Family Love Note Holder is open and ready for business! It didn't take Em 5 minutes after this picture to run for her markers and start writing notes for her guys.

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: a lighter day with one activity canceled, the wonderful older couple whom Emily has adopted as a third set of grandparents, windshield wipers, the best librarians in the world! (sorry, they work at my library), sharing a glass of wine with my favorite man in the whole world while we share our day's adventures


  1. what a beautiful idea.....and the finished project is amazing! great job!

  2. Wonderful! Love the rocks picked up by the family.


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