New week, Newly inked

It's a new week....and a new school year starts today! YAY! My friend, Terry, got School for Changito and when I saw her projects I was uber jealous. I finally got my hands on him and just in time to make a trio of 3x3 First Day of School cards for my kids.
Changito is adorable, I think my kids are adorable. The set comes with three Changitos, I have three kids who love books. Coincidence? I think not. Changito's a monkey and my kids? Well, sometimes they act like monkeys lol but let's get back to the cards.....

The first one is for my (gulp) middle schooler. I can't believe he's that old, but he reminds me daily that he is. Changito lifting a big pile of books fits him to a T. He has a big stack of scary middle school books this year, but I know he can handle it. His note reminds him to stay strong in tough middle school.

For my 4th grader. He's the playful one and I know this image will make him laugh. His note says it's time to crack open the books.

For my preschooler. She is so excited to start school just like her big brothers. The color in the photo is off, but the card is really a deep purple her beloved favorite color. She loves monkeys and books, so a monkey reading a book on a purple card will make her morning.

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: gorgeous weather this morning, family traditions, the smell of new books, fresh crayons, vanilla grapefruit shower gel

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