I am blessed with a large circle of incredible women. One of my 2010 Goals is to tell these women just how much they mean to me. I've decided to make Fridays "Fabulous Friend Friday". If I mail a card on Friday, it will likely arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Maybe a 'just because you're great' note will brighten my friends' weeks. At least that's my goal.

This adorable coat reminds me of my friend, Jill, so this card is for her.
Of course I think my friend is fabulous all the time, but recently she did something really wonderful for another friend. Jill's good deed was done anonymously, so I can't share, but I think what she did was really great. I don't know that I told her at the time how much I admired what she did, but I just put it in writing. :-)
Do you have a fabulous friend who deserves a note? Please join me on Fabulous Friend Friday and let her know she's fab!

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: Art Museum, family movie night, diet Dr. Pepper, warm towels, and fabulous friends :-)

Stamps: Warm & Cozy, Glam Girls
Paper: MM Sabrina
Extras: buttons and ribbon from ?


  1. What a great idea! That coat looks great paper pieced. I'm sure Jill will love her card :)

  2. A fun idea that will almost certainly brighten a girl friends day 8)

  3. Cute card and love the idea. That is really sweet of you to remember your friends. I know it will brighten their day and bless yours.


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