New week, newly inked

In May I won Wee Tees from Melanie Muenchinger's blog. Yes, I squealed. Then it arrived in the mail (signed!) with an adorable card from Mrs. M herself. Yes, I squealed again.
My daughter tried to steal it, but I snatched it back and this cuteness now sits on a shelf above my work table. Seriously {heart} this. The smileys are buttons with smiles drawn on. Genius, right???
Here's my first card using that sweet onesie:

I made it for my girlfriend's gorgeous new baby, Marlee.

It took some playing around with the dimensions to get the onesies in there, but I think the end result was worth it. It's hard to see in the photo, but the letters and heart are very glittery. All in all a very sparkly, very pink card for a beautiful new little lady.

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: fun day playing new games with the kids, much cooler weather, McDonald's Mocha Mondays, pumpkin filled ravioli -yum!, and early morning not quite awake yet snuggles with my daughter


  1. Love it!! Your card is gorgeous and I'm loving all the pink!

  2. ooh my goodness that is precious! love the fold out design!! way to go!!


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