3D Thursday

Last week was my last American Sign Language class. My teacher specifically said 'no gifts' for the end of the session, so I told her this wasn't a gift, it was sharing chocolate with a friend. ;-) These Warm Delights are very tasty. And, in case no one has told you yet, they are single serve, no calories, fat-free, and toxic to children and husbands.
Since it wasn't a 'gift', I just covered the front of the package with a piece of dp from the Sabrina line from Making Memories. I have to buy more of this stack because I love this pattern.
I tied a pink ribbon around and slipped one of these little 3x3 cards over it. The note mentioned how Mary's Warmth made class a Delight. Cheesy, but that's me.
Side view. See, not fully wrapped, so it's not a gift, right?

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: my wonderful ASL teacher, Mary, and the opportunity I have been given to learn from this warm, funny, Christian lady

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