3D Thursday

The boys are making their own, but Em still needed a 'box' to collect Valentines at the party. Anyone who knows my daughter will tell you she is a girly-girly-girly-girl. It's not my influence, she came that way. ;-) Little diva always carries a purse so when we saw this green felt purse at Hobby Lobby last night...on sale for $2!...I knew we had found her Valentine's 'box'.
This necklace kit was also on sale ($1.50) and the green matches the purse perfectly. After I got it strung and draped on the purse, I realized I wanted something in that open space above the necklace so I went rooting through the craft closet.I found metal letters from We Are Memory Keepers. I used a MarkIt to color the E hot pink. That wasn't quite enough, so I added rhinestones. I haven't decided if they finish it off or take it too far, but Em likes it.
So, for $3.50 Em had a cute Valentine 'box' for the party and has a new purse and necklace to boot.

In the interest of not showing 'favoritism', I must show the boys' boxes. ;-D They each came up with the design and did all the work.

Tyler made a scene from the show Pinks. One car is popping a wheelie because 'it has so much power, Mom' with a tween eye roll inserted here. The second car has paper trails because 'it's burning out'.
Devon loves the beach, so he painted water, had rocks on the sand and added hearts to show his love.
Today's our engagement anniversary. Please ignore the cup on the table and look at what my husband surprised me with
The roses are gorgeous, but did you see the tiny card? He.Stamped.a.Card.for.Me! lol He said I could show it if I didn't share what was on the inside, so I'll just say it was really sweet.

Thanks for looking!

Day 13 - Today I gave my kids Pop Tarts, something I very rarely buy.

Today I'm grateful for: cinnamon coffee creamer, $10 off day at the grocery store, roses, my sweet husband, pound cake scented candles


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that glammed up purse for your daughter! I have a 5yo who would LOVE that, too! Great idea! Love what your boys did with their boxes, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. Em's purse is adorable!! I have a 15 year old niece that would get along well with your little girly girl. She (my niece) has a huge collection of purses! Great job Ty and Devon. Love your Valentine's boxes! And brownie points for the hand stamped card!!


  3. love the purse....such a cute idea! sweet hubby you have to make you a card....I love it!

    thanks for stoppin by my blog....I appreciate your comment!


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