Warm Wishes

Christmas cards for my girlfriends:

At this busy time of year, who doesn't need a reminder to take a few minutes and relax?

If you haven't had this vanilla chai, I can tell you it's wonderful. Brewed with water it's good, but brewed with warm milk a la a traditional chai and it's fabulous. A wonderful little break!

Today I'm grateful for: red roses, great dinner out with family, Christmas lights display, the sound of horse hooves clopping down the street, my daughter's happy grin when she saw the camels at the light display

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  1. Hi Michelle, what a cute card! and yes, that Vanilla Chai tea is DELISH!

    I actually came across your blog when I was just doing a search for the little hedgie stamps. I have that stamp set, yet I have NO clue what company made it, or what the name of the set is! That's why I was searching for it on google because I need to know the name of it, since I used it in a recent project. I actually got the set at a yard sale and the lady didn't have the packaging or anything for it.

    I actually have 3 sets that were all together she said they were from the same company, but she couldn't remember the name (she didn't have the packaging for them). it's soooo irritating because I've been wanting to get a 2nd set for a friend and I can't find them ANYWHERE! LOL

    I see you used the hedgies on a more recent card, so I'll also post this comment there. I would greatly appreciate a reply as to what stamp set it is!

    You can see how I used the stamps from 3 of the sets I have here on my blog. I made ATC cards with them as well as some gift tags for a swap. :)

    Keep up the good work!
    ~Melisa Marie


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