Happy Star Wars Day!

Yes, I'm a geek, so Happy Star Wars Day to you!!!  And May the 4th be with you.

My sweet not-so-much-a-baby-anymore baby nephew is turning 8 this weekend. sigh  Where did the time go???  He's very much into anything considered traditionally 'boy' and loves puns.  So, NO ribbons, sparkles, flowers, etc.

Monster-ous Birthday Wishes it is:

The monsters are 'us', coordinated to our colors on the family calendar.  And our eyes are the correct colors.  I did sneak in some pink on Diva's toes, but I don't think my rough and tumble guy will mind too much, she's a girl monster, after all. haha

Thanks for looking!

 Today I'm grateful for: Star Wars geek-ness!, gorgeous weather, time with friends at the mall tonight, mango tea, and my adorable imp of a nephew who got me back to the table after a very long break
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