Aug 12th

Eighteen years ago, Scott and I pledged to share our lives.  It was blazing hot that day, the church was packed with friends and family, standing room only, my train was very long, I was afraid I would trip on the steps.  We were not the only ones wiping our eyes.  Many people told me after 'it was so clear how much you love each other, it was radiating from both of you'.  I was nervous walking up the steps in that dress, but I never had a moment's hesitation on saying 'I do'.

A simple card to let my guy know he still has my heart.
 Our wedding colors, white and cobalt.  Don't was the 90s! haha
 It looks like smudges sigh, but the background is versamarked hearts.
Aren't they cute all popped up?  And, yes, 18 of them.  I'm a geek like that.

Counting our time together before the wedding, we've been together over half of my lifetime.  We were such babies when we got together! lol  I knew I loved him.  I knew he was My One.  I envisioned a great life together, but I really had no clue how much AMAZING was waiting for us.  I told him I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Not just words for me, I would.  You know that feeling when you get home from vacation?  That sigh that you're 'home'.  That's how I feel with Scott.  He's my home.

As I looked at my to do list this morning, I thought 'it sure would be nice to be heading to Aruba in two days!' lol  Guess I'll stay in STL and tackle this week's list instead.

Thanks for looking!

 Today I'm grateful for sharing my life with my very best friend, who also happens to be super cute and has wonderfully broad shoulders. ;)

 Stamps: Verve's Hundred Hearts
Paper: Bazzill
Extras:  heart punch and pop dots


  1. Great card! Love it!! And Happy Anniversary!! First time I saw Fred I was about 9. Loved him him then. Took him awhile longer to catch on. But he got on board. And he too is my best friend. We're luck to have such wonderful men in our lives!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! May you have many more wonderful years together. Fun card! So funny that you mentioned Aruba (guessing that must be where you honeymooned??), my sister's BIL and my cousin's son both got married over the weekend, one couple left on Sunday and one left on Monday to go to Aruba.

  3. awwww....happy anniversary. What a cute card...LOVE all the hearts!


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