Happy 14th, Ty!

Fourteen years ago, I was blessed to become a mom.  Since then, Ty's grown a lot.  I can no longer hold him in one arm.  He's now taller than mom (unless I have on platforms) and he's catching his dad.  In the time since he was born *I* have learned a LOT.  I tease him that he's the guinea pig kid.  I'm also a first born, so I know. lol  This man child of mine is growing into a fine man and I'm so proud to be called 'Tyler's Mom'.




Birthdays are bittersweet for me.  I'm proud of the person Ty's becoming, but I know I'm working myself out of a job.  He's finishing middle school and will start high school in the fall.  It makes me tear up to think he's less than a decade from launching.  It seems like he just got here!  I can't imagine not seeing his handsome face every day.  sniff  Okay, on to the cake!

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm so grateful for my oldest son.  He has blessed our lives beyond measure.  He's a good kid, on his way to being a good man, and brings so much joy.  He gives good hugs, too, and I need one now!

Stamps:  The Craft's Meow Fun{tache}tic
Paper: from my...stache haha
Extras:  corner punch


  1. ahhh...they do group up fast, don't they? My boy will be 15 this summer...sigh. Love your 'stache card:)

  2. Fun card!! Perfect for a teen :)

    Happy Birthday to Ty!

  3. Happy birthday to your son. I have a daughter who is a sophomore so I know EXACTLY what you are feeling. Sad to see them get older---but also happy to! Great card!

  4. Great card, Michelle! I hear you about our kid's birthdays... bittersweet times for moms!


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