Fabulous Friend Friday

This is not my card. This is the card my wonderful daughter made HER fabulous friend who is turning 4 this weekend. Em was very serious about her work. She wanted sheep...her friend's favorite animal. I don't have a sheep stamp (I was surprised by that), so she settled on the cake. She did insist on white card stock 'because it's the color of a sheep'. I cut the middle strip, but Em did everything else.
I wrote the birthday message, but Em signed her name and decorated the inside.

I loved watching how much fun she had and I love that she has a fabulous friend that she loves this much!

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: friends young and old, homemade veggie soup (single digit cold here), fleece slippers, purring cat, and a weekend with family

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  1. Great job Em!! Pssst... .talk to your grandma about scrapping!!! 8)


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