Logos Gifts

A few pics of the gifties we passed out at Logos this year....
I'm sorry for the blur. I *really* need a new camera for closeups. For my 2nd and 3rd grade Bible study class, a sweet gingerbread man stamped in white with red glittered buttons. He's cute, but their favorite part is inside.

For my sons' teachers:
We made 15 of these for Logos and Sunday School teachers. That's a lot of cutting, scoring, and folding! My older son did the embossing and matting while the younger took all the price stickers off the soaps and sorted them by scent. It was really fun to work on the project together.

Inside cute little olive oil soaps in a variety of scents. The boys chose the two each adult would receive. The debate was quite comical to watch.

The tag got a giggle out of the recipients.
Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: my warm home, leather jacket, hot mocha latte, candy canes, early morning goodbye kiss


  1. All of the gifts you made are cute. I bet they all enjoyed receiving them too!

  2. Great gifts! I'd go for the cupcakes too!!

  3. Absolutely love these... remind me next year to get you to work on teacher gifts for Laura. These are so much nicer.


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