Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday today. My sons made me breakfast (yummy cinnamon waffles, scrambled eggs, and coffee) and then all three kids gave me the cards they made for me.

Tyler's 11 and his note said 'From your son who knows where your stuff is' rofl Two circle punches, a heart punch, corner rounder, Crystal Effects on the hearts and Spica on and around Mickey? Yeah, I would say he knows where my stuff is.

Devon's 9 and doesn't like to stamp, he prefers to draw his own pictures. He's missing a few candles ;-) but I love the two layer cake. He also enjoys the corner rounder.

Emily's 3. She told me last night all about the card she made for me and how she wrote all the letters herself. A wee proud she is...and so am I. She also told me about my cake, but I covered her mouth and sent her out of the room when she said 'present'. lalalalalalala I hear nothing.

Front:On the inside she sacrificed some of her beloved stickers, including the beach ball which must have been highly prized as it was pointed out four times.
All the stickers took the signing space, so she signed it on the back. The bottom left is a 3 "because I'm 3". For the record, I'm now 38 and thought that was what she was going for. Nope. sigh"it's a 3, Mom, 'cause *I'm* 3!" silly me for thinking my birthday card would be about me.
I am so blessed to have these loving little people in my life! They are all so excited about surprising me with breakfast, cards, cake and gifts later. THAT is a gift to me.
Thanks for looking!

Today I'm very grateful for celebrating another wonderful year of life with people I love.


  1. Love the cards (you can certainly tell what Tyler has on his mind). All the kids did a great job.


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