New week, Newly inked

My cards for the Cards 4 Kids Valentine card call

These cards are headed to the Children's Hospital in Detroit to be used to brighten the day for kids staying there over Valentine's Day. I used Valentine Flopsey. He's simple to mass produce, but still cute. I think he's very versatile. He works for Valentines to and from kids and works for boys and girls. I made several of each style, changing the heart only.

Some I just colored the heart red. I thought these would fit for boys. The heart can still be written on if the sender wants something on the heart. My son liked this one best. Some of these have red Spica pen dots on the scallops around the heart.

Some I colored the heart with red Spica pen. These are super sparkly and (I think) a bit more girly.

Some have the heart colored with red Spica and 'Hugs' stamped on top. This was my favorite.

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for Dr. King and all who fought with him for equality.

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