Lily the Fairy 2

Another Lily the Fairy, this one is softer than yesterday's...

I never color an image before I know what paper I'm going to use. This card reminded me why. After coloring the bold Lily I wanted this one to be soft and colored her. I put Silver Bell Shimmerz on her skin and let it dry overnight. Today I had the most difficult time finding paper that matched the colors I had used without being too overpowering. Totally reminded me why I don't color first! I'm still not crazy about this card, but it is a softer Lily.

Don't forget - Pink Cat Studio is having a Lily the Fairy contest
You print out Lily yourself, make a card and submit it via email.

Thanks for looking!

Today I'm grateful for: cherry vodka margarita, clean windows, a full tank of gas, puffy clouds, and real mashed potatoes

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  1. Very pretty! I can't color an image before I pick out paper either. Love the Shimmerz, I bought some but haven't tried them yet.


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