So Sweet

Thanks to my PSF, Kristie, for the cutie pie image.
I colored her hair light brown because she makes me of my daughter. I used a silver Spica for the buckle and clear Spica on all the white parts. For the trim on the hat, I went over the paper until it started to pill, then ruffed it up with my fingernail. It has a bit of texture that way.
Today I'm grateful for: Christmas carols while decorating the tree, my husband found out he has a week and a half off for Christmas - yay!, I guessed on my cousin's gift and got something on his list, listening to the boys playing with their little sister, all three kids erupting into laughter at 'Bad Squishy!' (any Nemo fans?)


  1. She's so cute! I'm glad you got to use her :)

  2. Cute! Cool idea to texture the paper!! Thanks for playing along! :)

  3. What a cute little girl! Great card.


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