PIRL Ornament

That's Prettier-in-Real-Life. This ornament just didn't photograph well at all, but IRL it's very pretty. You'll just have to use your imagination a bit.I started with an old CD and covered it with a cream cs circle. I stamped the image of Mary and Jesus with blue chalk ink. This is from an old Stampin Up set and it's one of my favorite Christmas stamps. I love the way the image forms a heart. I filled in the robes with Silver Bells Shimmerz and filled in Baby Jesus with clear Spica. I put a rim around the circle with the Shimmerz.
A simple loop of iridescent ribbon with silver trim turns the old CD into an ornament that is so shimmery and pretty irl - the PIRL Ornament. ;-)

Today I'm grateful for: my daughter wanting to brush my hair, my dog sleeping at my side, my son telling me I'm the best mom in the world (sure beats hearing I'm the meanest), blueberry bagels, doing long division snuggled up on the couch at math time

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